What’s Next?

A diverse team of engineers meeting in a laboratory discussing a robotic project.

Do you remember …?

Remember the days of turning up and running workloads in on premise environments? How about urgently spinning up new servers, exhausting capacity again, then failing production runs on mission critical infrastructure? Do you recall the frustrated business units, unable to complete target marketing analysis and delayed marketing campaigns and revenue shortfalls? Remember finance teams stuck in the middle of a payroll run? How about financial institutions with robust credit scoring models running on corrupted data and inaccurate customer credit scores and loan application decisions? Perhaps you were the non-profit soliciting contributions from the same donor with the same message repeatedly due to undiscovered data duplication anomalies! 

Those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now we’ve moved workloads to the cloud and spinning up infrastructure and applications is as easy as a few clicks. Databases, ETL and related processes are robust and expandable with relative ease. Up time on most applications is far more robust. Business users have better access to valuable data, and customers have a faster and more reliable experience with most global businesses. If you are like many of our customers, you may be asking yourself What’s next?’. 

Perhaps you’re seeing some indicators of what’s next. We can integrate geospatial data into commodity purchases at large CPG companies, we accelerate drug delivery and clinical trials through anomaly detection and automated R&D workflows (a la Covid rapid response). We have more fully automated supply chains and intelligent data security and governance across all domains. In your marketplace you likely see new AI enabled applications, more sophisticated chatbots or perhaps you’re exploring the opportunities of generative AI and are asking yourself How can I leverage these emerging technologies and stay ahead of my competition?’. Whatever the case, at Stellar, we are your technology partner that can help you answer What’s next for me?”.

Day 1 opportunities

While the tremendous improvements in data utilization, IT infrastructure and more robust applications cannot be understated, at Stellar we recognize the challenges of moving from technology solutions to business outcomes. We are founded in the belief that generative AI and next generation technologies require a passionate and empathetic technology partner to help you leverage your proprietary data with solutions tailored for you, your employees, and your customers.

We believe that 10X is the new 2X and 100X is achievable.

Jeff Bezos famously said in his 1998 letter to shareholders, this is Day 1 for the internet”. At Stellar, we believe this is Day 1 for real data integration and AI enabled decisions, Day 1 for generative AI, smart applications, multi-language customer engagement systems, Day 1 for pattern recognition and predictive insights, and Day 1 for fully realized revenue enablement and cost optimizations for your business. We believe that 10X is the new 2X and 100X is achievable. We also believe that new opportunities in data integration, machine learning, and generative AI can be meaningfully good for your business — good for employees, good for customers, good for your partners, local communities and larger marketplaces. Stellar aspires to be your partner in leveraging technology for these good and meaningful outcomes. Contact Stellar to learn more about generative AI and how to leverage your proprietary data.