Keeping Humans at the Center of AI Transformation

Stellar helps companies find their competitive edge by integrating generative AI, Large Language Models, and machine learning across all facets of business operations.

Houston, we have a solution

There is tremendous evidence for leveraging your data and the latest advancements in generative AI

  • Less than 24% of businesses have deployed Natural Language Processing (Gartner)
  • up to 80% of time is wasted by data scientists wrangling data before it’s useful (New York Times)
  • employees are 18% more likely to trust a company with strong data analytics (CIO)
  • a stunning 20% of revenue is lost due to bad data quality (MIT Sloan)

What We Do

Assess AI readiness, identify AI opportunities, and implement next generation solutions

Business Readiness
Identify areas where genAI and LLMs can meaningfully change the way businesses operate
LLMs & ML Modeling
Leverage industry leading LLMs with proprietary files, web pages, and documents to unlock the value of your data
Generative AI-Powered Apps
Build generative AI driven business applications on top of secure & responsible artificial intelligence to help businesses deliver for their customers

Stellar enabled me to understand how generative AI can drive our business and improve our customers’ experience. The company has a great process for evaluating our AI opportunities and making it easy for us to explore our options and engage in a way that is best for us.

— Ed Van Deman, CEO, Forest Systems

Cross-Industry Impact

Leverage the power of generative AI with your secure proprietary data for multi-language customer engagement and operations solutions

  • A team of factory engineers in high visibility vests working together.

    Stellar brings deep expertise in Industrial IoT insights, automated trouble isolation, supply chain and parts management, and maintenance integration via easy to use generative AI solutions. We leverage multi-sensor data and machine data integration to ensure you have the information you need to optimize operations.

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  • A young woman scientist in a laboratory doing research.

    Launch your clinical trials with operations and clinical solutions built for you. Leverage our expertise for AI enabled multi-language patient engagement to ensure protocol adherence, appointment follow through, easy record keeping and data collection. Enable data managers with clinical anomaly detection, automated workflows, regulatory reporting and internal communications. 

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  • A happy family shopping together at the grocery store

    Stellar brings deep experience to an array of CPG enablers. This includes commodity purchasing optimization strategies, ESG enablement tools, and automated workflows driving optimal decisions and responsiveness in your supply chain. Leverage generative AI to unlock your operations. 

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  • An IT professional using a laptop computer with rack server cabinets behind him.

    Increasing structured, unstructured, semi-structured, or streaming data can paralyze your organization with data wrangling rather than optimizing business decisions. We develop durable data solutions that ensure your data is analysis ready and machine learning enabled. We help you reach the right customer at the right time with the right message. Leverage generative AI for customer and employee engagement and accelerate your business.

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  • A busy office space with employees walking quickly

    Stellar works closely with the PE and VC community to drive speedy company integrations. We are experienced in integrating prospect, customer, sales, and broader business data to drive optimal decision making and integrated workflows. We speed cost and revenue synergies to unlock the value in M&A execution and leverage generative AI to unlock operations going forward. 

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  • A programmer coding on a laptop and two large monitors.

    Our team has built applications across FinTech, HRTech, Supply Chain Solutions, Oil and Gas Ops enablement, Mineral Exploration, Safety and security and more. Explore our expertise in application development leveraging a robust data stack and machine learning and generative AI expertise. Accelerate your development efforts with Stellar.

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How We Do It

Innovative and durable solutions that transform your business

Assess your technology environment, stack, and evaluate how genAI and LLMs can better power your business
Implement solutions and mobilize AI opportunities for improved customer and employee experiences
Integrate LLMs and genAI capabilities into your existing applications and workflows
Incorporate validated LLMs and genAI strategies into all facets of business and applications

AI-powered transformations

Transcending the ordinary + building value so our customers and their customers soar

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