Work with Stellar

Harnessing the full potential of genAI in order to quickly set businesses apart

  • Stellar’s team has vast experience working across a wide range of industries, from start-ups to large enterprises, to embed genAI into day-to-day operations enabling:

    • GenAI Applications
    • ML Modeling
    • Data Engineering
    • Data Migrations
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Governance
    • Analytics
  • Enterprise-grade platform for speedy deployment of high-quality, tuned LLMs powered by your proprietary data. Stellar Launchpad enables:

    • LLM Optimization
    • LLM Orchestration
    • LLM Tuning
  • An integrated set of LLM management tools to secure and protect generative AI apps in a trusted operating environment. Stellar Airlock enables:

    • Data Integrity
    • Data Security
    • Secure and Reliable Output

The Stellar Journey

Your path to generative AI

Assess your technology environment, stack, and evaluate how genAI and LLMs can better power your business
Implement solutions and mobilize AI opportunities for improved customer and employee experiences
Integrate LLMs and genAI capabilities into your existing applications and workflows
Incorporate validated LLMs and genAI strategies into all facets of business and applications

Our Ecosystem

We leverage the technologies you need to ignite business outcomes

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